Working on the feet

Wow, two posts in one week! I’ll admit that not only am I on a bit of a roll, but have some time to post as well due to my current work situation, as in, I’m a free agent, or, I’m seeking new opportunities, or plain and simple, I’m out of work. The good news is I’m taking on a pretty cool contract job for an app company. That means being able to pay bills, the mortgage, buy groceries, and of course some goodies for R2.

The last few days I’ve been putting a lot of time into getting the feet ready, including installing the motors and razor scooter wheels. I had a buddy who has a metal shop make me some scooter motor holders, though I’m considering getting some,of the swanky AA super styrene motor holders instead from a locals builder… We’ll see how things work out with the metal low-budget ones, as with those there is no concession for a caster to prevent wheelies, so I had to mount the wheels towards back of the feet.


This has one advantage- better stability since R2 is more like a tripod. The disadvantage is it becomes less maneuverable. Having the wheels at the front of the feet provides easier turning, but then you get wheelies when R2 takes off… Thus the need for a caster in the back.
I’ll wait to see how this is all going to pan out.

While I was at it, I also added the aluminum foot strips, which were free since they were just leftover pieces of scrap from other work they were doing at the shop. The cool thing is these were pretty much the right size. And they’re nice and shiny too..


Lastly, I had been working on adding the details to the side panels.

First, gluing them on with JB weld…


Then primer and wet sanded so they were smooth and ready for paint.





Tomorrow, paint Dover white, clear coat, add magnets to the backs, and I’m thinking of putting on the wheels and attaching the feet to the legs…had to order scooter motor chain online since it seems no one in San Diego carries it so I’m considering not putting them on until I have the chain installed.

My deadline to have him done and running is before the last Sunday of the month. R2 is going to be used primarily for work at Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald house, as well as at the Rock Church for the children’s ministry. I’ve written a bible study on how R2 is a great example of what a servant is, and how we can use that as a model to be servants of God, which has already been used by the church, and I plan on having small printed booklets to be able to give to families we visit.


Lots o’ updates

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted anything. I don’t know why. Well, could be just being lazy I guess. But I have been making some excellent progress on R2, as I need to get him up and running before the end of the month, as our church is doing a series called “in the movies”, and they want to have R2 there for some fun stuff.

So I’ve been working on the legs, lighting up the dome, motor mounts for the scooter motors and wheels, detail bits here and there and so on. Following is a bunch of photos of progress over the past 3 or so months…

Resin parts that came in from a guy who goes by the name of Steele..


Painting the legs..


Testing a leg out with some of the detail..


Priming the parts..


Masking and painting the ankle cylinders…




The parts and assembly for the center foot caster…






Making copper hoses from standard water hose…



Wiring up the dome and testing power..


Beep boop- finish me!


Attached the legs…




Working on the scooter motor holders and testing the legs with the foot shells…




Drilled and painted the battery box harnesses..


Glueing on the foot shell details..



Now to get the motors in, electronics, wire him up.