Leg Work


Yep- about time for another post on the progress of my very own R2D2. I’ve been spending more time lately on the legs – outer and center.

The first issue I had when I got the legs off eBay from someone was there was a lot of finish work to be done. Bondo, skinning, and other things. So I skinned them with styrene, gluing them and stapling the styrene on. Not a good idea, as the staples show (duh), and the glue got a little lumpy. So thanks to sanding and the magic of Bondo, they’re coming along nicely. Below is one outer leg, ready for final primer, sanding, then color.

So as I’m taking a small break from those, I decided to move onto the center leg and make some custom beefy ankles out of styrene. The beauty of styrene is it’s easy to work with, glues together nicely with plain old model glue, and I have lots left over from the skins on the robot. Plus, half the fun of doing this is BUILDING it, not just assembling a bunch of parts I bought online.

Drawn and ready to cut.

Cut and ready for gluing. Added the small notch or window which will have a backing.

So once the ankles were done, it was time to glue them onto the center leg.

Glued and drying

As far as the outer legs, one of the issues was that the groove towards the bottom of the legs didn’t match up to the booster covers. I know that most people wouldn’t even notice this, but as a builder, and wanting to be pretty close to screen accurate, I did.

The booster cover groove doesn't match.

The solution was to Bondo the existing groove on the legs and then cut in a new groove that lines up more closely to the booster covers.

Marking where the new groove should be.

New groove guide lines

The new groove cut. Just need to bondo the old groove.

Up next- The back door.