The octagon ports


Located at the base of every astromech (well, almost every) are some ports shaped like an octagon. One in the front and one in the back. In the Star Wars universe they have some kind of function, but I don’t think anyone knows what.

So I had to get some for my build. Should they be styrene, or wait for the nicely machined metal ones, or go with resin versions?

I decided to go with resin. One- because they are pretty inexpensive, and two, because all I have to do is clean them and paint them which is enough work in and of itself.

Step 1. Primer


Step 2. Silver paint for the metallic look.


Step 3. Mask the inner back area.
The inside of the walls are blue, so I had to mask off where I didn’t want blue and a purple clear coat to go.


Step 4. Paint walls.
R2D2’s blue is more of a bluish purple. So I laid down a metallic blue, followed by an anodized clear purple.


Step 6. Paint the vents.
The inner vents are supposed to be see-through, and on the metal version that is machined in.

On the resin part I could have sanded it from the back to get to that point, but decided painting the vents black with some model paint would be easier and less chance of damaging the parts.


Step 7. Glue in the round things.
In this case I used my trusty silicon glue.


Step 8. Once both ports were done and the silicon cured enough, I used silicon glue to mount them inside R2’s body.


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