Building R2- the build begins

The pictures below are the beginning stages of our father-son project, a full-sized movie accurate (well, that’s kind of a misnomer), radio-controlled R2D2. I had already been putting time in to help my daughter on her recording EP, by converting my design studio at home into a multi-track recording studio.

So, I needed to do something with my son. We were going to work on an old car, but my daughter didn’t like that since she wanted to do the same thing — both kids love old classic cars, so someday we’ll do one together. But for now I needed to find something to do with the boy. And thus R2D2 it is.

The project sprang not only from wanting to do a project together, but he has a heart for children who are sick, and wanted to have something to cheer them up a but when we eventually go to visit different kids at either Children’s Hospital or the children’s convalescent center. This is what my son wants to do as part of our church’s (The Rock San Diego) Cancer Care ministry as well as any other way God wants to use him and the droid for His kingdom (everything we do should be to glorify Him and His kingdom).

So for now we have a frame that we finished building, using both wood screws and copious amounts of wood glue. We also have some other parts here and there as we can afford to buy them and collect what we can when parts are available from other people who have built their own astromech.